Painter, sculptor, craftsman


Born: 12th December, 1914, Timisoara
Died: 8th January, 2008, Violés, France
1932-1936:          Studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. Mentor: Gyula Rudnay
1949-1950: Teacher at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest
1950: Was dismissed from his teaching job for political reasons
1949-1953:  Editor of the periodical "Free Art" (Szabad Művészet)
1956: During the Revolution his Atelier was destroyed and most of his work perished
1957: Emigrated to Austria with his son
1958: Moved to the Federal Republic of Germany with his son
1967: Settled down in France
Individual exhibitions:
1945: Bucharest; Timisoara
1946: Timisoara
1949: Budapest, Adolf Fényes Saloon
 1951  Warsaw
1955: Budapest, Ernst Museum – with György Kling (collection catalogue)
1958-1962:          Munich, Galerie im Hofgarten (annual exhibitions)
1962: Nuremberg, Galerie Yserentant; Galerie Da Vinci
1966: Stockholm, Galery Prisma
1966-1971: Paris, Galérie du Siécle (annual exhibitions)
1981: Verviers (B), Galérie Primaver
1992-2008: Vacqueyras (F), L’ Atelier de l’ Insolite (at the gallery of his son)
1995: Munich / Sauerlach
1997: Vacqueyras, Mairie – with his son, János Árpád Kazinczy
1998: Lyon, AR Galérie – joint exhibition with his son
2002: Budapest, Szinyei Saloon „Arrived home, my friend” with Tamás Lossonczy
2003: Sátoraljaújhely (H), Kazinczy Ferenc Museum; Virtuartnet
2008: Kaposvár (H), Vaszary Picture-Gallery „Retrospective Exhibition”



Szekszárd (H), Művészetek Háza "Kazinczy János Antal was born 100 years ago"

Budapest, KőrösiCsoma Sándor Kulturális Központ, Kőbánya 

 Collective exhibitions
1936: Budapest National Saloon "KUT” (does not appear in the catalogue as he was invited after print)
1948: Budapest National Saloon "New ways of Hungarian Fine Arts”
Budapest, Metropolitan Gallery, "Works of art from 100 Hungarian Artists”
Metropolitan Gallery. Travelling exhibition in the Hungarian mining towns  (Kazinczy was co-director of the exhibition)
Budapest, Metropolitan Gallery "New Hungarian fine arts"
Budapest, Free Organisation of Hungarian Fine Artists "Fine artists about mines, factories, rebuilding”
1950: Budapest, Art Gallery "1st Hungarian fine arts exhibition”
1957: Budapest, Art Gallery "Spring Saloon”
1958: Vienna
1959: Nuremberg, Fränkische Galérie
1969: Royaumont, (F), Fondation Royaumont “The beauty is running the streets”
1982-1983: Hajdúböszörmény (H)
1995: Paris, Hungarian Institute “Those French sculptors from Hungary”
2003: Hatvan (H), Ady Endre Library "Photos, drawings, paintings about 1956”
2003-2004: Paris, Hungarian Institute "Limits and transitions in the medal-art”
2006: Kaposvár (H), Vaszary Picture-Gallery "From the picture-gallery of 1956”

 2018:               Budapest, Műcsarnok "Emigrant hungarian artists about the revolution 1956"

 2019:               Budapest, Rugógyár Galéria          

artworks to be found in:
-       Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery
-       Budapest, Metropolitan Picture-Gallery
-       Washington, Hungarian Embassy
-       Paris, Musée d´Art Moderne

-       Hajdúböszörmény (H), City Museum

-       Different private collections mainly in Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium and USA
-        Bechnitz Sándor (Flaneur): Szabad Szó (Free Word), Timisoara 1945
-        New Hungarian fine arts (Picture-Gallery of the Capital’s Minefield Peripatetic Exhibition) 1948
-        Nóra Aradi: Szabad Művészet (Free art), 10/1955
-        Cifka Péter: Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation), 1955
-        Art encyclopaedia, 1966
-        Freedom and people, 1981
-        I. Zimmermann: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1995
-        Júlia Cserba: Catalogue / Those French sculptors from Hungary, Paris, 1995
-        Contemporary Hungarian Art encyclopaedia, 2000
-        Tamás Szente: Hungary in the XX- th century: views on a civilisation, 2000
-        Gábor Pataki: Új Művészet (New Art) / Fresh old-wine, 2003
-        Anna Andor: Új Művészet (New Art) / Arrived home, my friend, 2003
-        György Sümegi: Picture word, Fine artists about ’56, 2004
-        György Sümegi: 1956 Pictures register, 2006
-        Júlia Cserba, 2006
-        György Sümegi: Életünk (Our Life) 2015
-        György Sümegi: Kortárs (Contemporary) 2018  
-        Many documents and articles perished therefore they are excluded from the bibliography  



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